Oct 27, 2011


It's been months since I last blogged. It seems I'm not the only one who has abandoned her blog. Nor am I the only one worried about the possibility that blogging is on its way to extinction. The truth is that I'm writing a lot these days, but not here. I'm writing something that wants to become my next book. This, plus a demanding academic term, leaves me without time to blog. I should also mention that I'm pretty active on Twitter, so I do feel that I'm expressing myself. Having said this, I don't want to abandon my blog. So, from now on, I'll write shorter posts and place links to interesting articles related to telenovelas. Here are two related to Telemundo:

Telemundo to launch in Venezuela via cable operator Inter.
Will this change Venezuelans telenovela consumption habits? Will it change their appreciation/taste/perception of Venezuelan telenovelas?

Telemundo blends English into a mostly Spanish lineup
Is this a real reflection of Latino demographics in the US? How will this affect the Spanish language? How will it affect telenovela consumption in the US?