Jan 24, 2010


We have another loss in Venezuela. Less than three years after the government did not renew RCTV's broadcast license and sent the station to cable, now they have created a new norm, especially designed to take the station from the air, even on cable. The new norm classifies cable stations as "national" or "international." "National" stations must comply with the restrictive Media Content Law and broadcast the President's speeches, "cadenas." Not surprisingly, CONATEL, the government's communication regulating body declared that RCTV is "national" to be able to modify and control the oppositional stance in the station's content. RCTV did not broadcast a presidential cadena yesterday. Last night, cable companies, complying with the new norm, took RCTV out of the air.

So, today Venezuela wakes up with less of a voice. We're going towards a silence. Better said, they're moving the country towards a generalized silence in which the only voice that's heard is the President's.

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