Aug 17, 2010

About Celebrity Gossip

Today, for the first time, the English and Spanish version of my blog won't be mirror images. The topic of my posts, however, will be the same: The problem with celebrity gossip.

I've spent many hours with the talented people who work in telenovelas. They work in an environment that needs the promotion that the entertainment press provides. However, we frequently see how gossip and speculation are prioritized over news and real criticism in order to sell more newspapers, magazines, or to raise the ratings of a show.

Regarding this topic, here are two items to read:

The case against celebrity gossip by Allison Samuels, published in Newsweek

The column that Cuban-Venezuelan actor Beatriz Valdés (in the picture) wrote for daily Tal Cual. You can read it in the Spanish version of this blog (Part I, Part II)

Celebrity gossip cheapens the entertainment industry and is unfair to those who work in it. As part of the audience, we should want no part of it.

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