Mar 7, 2008


These days it's difficult for me to write in my blogs. I'm in Caracas doing fieldwork, trying to document this particular moment in the Venezuelan telenovela industry. It's a job I love to do, but it requires an immense amount of time and concentration. Additionally, this trip has included several media interviews about my book.

My reflection today is about what it means for me to get physically closer and farther away from Venezuela. Coming and going, being inside and outside, isn't easy. There are difficulties related to logistics (leave the semester for a few days, never have enough days in Venezuela), transitions to go through (from a U.S. college town to a Latin American megalopolis, from being among students and professors, to hanging out with actors, writers and producers), and its pain (I'm always missing something from one of my two cultural homes). But coming and going, getting closer and farther away, is a productive moment that allows me to fine tune my perspective about my object of study and understand it much better.

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