Jun 22, 2008


I haven't been able to write in my blog because I'm still in Venezuela. Yes, I'm still in Caracas canvassing the current moment in Venezuelan TV. I'm still conducting interviews with actors, producers, directors, writers and network executives, and observing the production of some telenovelas. I'm still in a hurry in this complex city with its ever-present traffic jams. It isn't easy to do research in Caracas.

On of the pleasures of being in Caracas is to go the theater. Here are images of three of the plays I've seen recently: Ambas Tres (Julie Restifo, Alba Roversi/Dad Dagger y Beatriz Vasquez), Juntos Pero Separados (Gledys Ibarra y Marcos Moreno) and ¿Monogamia? (Javier Vidal y Antonio Delli). Now that the sources of TV work for actors are considerably smaller, it's important to to support Venezuelan theater and film production. 

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