Jun 11, 2008


My blog has been pretty quiet lately. I'm traveling. First, I spent a few days in the paradise you can see above: Margarita, a beautiful island off the coast of Venezuela. I went there with 30 of my high school girl friends. We're a very special group because we've been friends our whole lives. It's both a privilege and a blessing. Below, a couple of pictures when we went to visit the beautiful  "Ranchos de Chana".

Now I'm doing fieldwork in Caracas, trying to document the current moment in Venezuelan television as context for my new case study in which I've been working already for a couple of months. I've also taught a couple of classes as a guest at Universidad Católica Andrés Bello.

Hence, for a few more days this blog will continue to be quite quiet while I recharge my batteries and gather evidence.  Thanks for keeping me company.


poemas said...

Me gusto mucho la primera foto tiene una vista de paraiso digno de un poema, que suerte tienes de estar en ese bello pais de Venezuela :-)

Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru said...

Ese lugar, los ranchos de Chana, me dejó impactadísima! Nunca había estado en un lugar donde las casas fueran totalmente abiertas hacia el mar. Fue maravilloso y refrescante estar allí. Y un enorme privilegio!