Dec 30, 2008


As 2008 ends, once again I'm deeply grateful for everything I've learned and lived this year.

A year ago I wrote in this blog my wishes for telenovelas in 2008. Those wishes are still current because, in general, they remain unfulfilled:
-More coherence and less circus
-More archetypes and less stereotypes
-More depth and less superficiality
-More acting talent and less beauty devoid of talent
-More genuine television criticism and less gossip and speculation from the entertainment press and its followers
-More commitment to a better television and less consideration of the telenovela as an easy business deal
-More respect and less underestimation of the audience
-More originality and less repetition/"adaptation"

To those wishes, I add my request for more responsibility and respect...
... from network executives towards writers and actors
... from those who participate in message board and chatrooms (especially those who hide behind a pseudonym or nickname) 
... towards the telenovela genre's innovations, from those who purchase, sell and distribute telenovelas in the international market
... from those of us who study telenovelas, trying to understand how they're produced and received, and the reasons for their continuous success, without accusing or indicting neither television, nor telenovelas

¡Health, love, learning and achievements for all!

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