Apr 14, 2009


In my research with the audience that watches telenovelas and in my classroom, I've found immense curiosity regarding the production of scenes that include kisses. In my recent trip to telenovela LA VIDA ENTERA, I was present during the taping of the scenes of characters Natalia (Daniela Bascopé) and Miky (Roque Valero)'s "first time." This sequence was directed by Luis Alberto Lamata

Here's a video I took during the production of these scenes. Turn up the volume of your computer so you can listen to the actors and technical crew. There are a few things to observe in this video:
  • The use of the boom (a microphone placed at the end of a long arm, so that it can be located on top of the actors during taping).
  • In the first scene we can see the simultaneous use of cameras in two "rooms" of the same set. 
  • How the technical crew is dressed in winter-like clothes. TV studios usually have freezing temperatures.
  • The importance of music in a telenovela. In my video, you notice the absence of music to set the tone.
  • The importance of the different shots by different cameras, and the director's decisions as to the view we will get. Here, we see the scenes through the exclusive "eye" of my small camera.

I would have liked to place here the final--broadcast--version of these scenes. But, these days video sharing systems are closing the accounts of users who place any material related to TV or film, even if it's for educational use. I invite you then to find the scenes on the Web. They belong to Episode 90 which was broadcast in Venezuela on April 2.

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