Apr 6, 2011


The last time that telenovelas produced by RCTV and Venevisión faced each other, was on Saturday, May 26, 2007. The next evening, RCTV was silenced

Tonight at 9 p.m., Televén premieres the last telenovela produced by RCTV (RCTV Internacional, as it was renamed once it went into paid TV, where it isn't present anymore). Que el cielo me explique is an original story by Cristina Policastro, starring Marianella González and Carlos Felipe Alvarez

Que el cielo me explique will face La viuda joven by Martín Hahn, starring Mariángel Ruiz, Luis Gerónimo Abreu and Verónica Schneider. The contrast between styles warrants a study. We will observe the verist style of Policastro's social telenovela, versus Hahn's postmodern suspense. 

For the Venezuelan telenovela industry, that has been so affected by the country's politica and economic contexts, it's crucial for its recovery to have two Venezuelan telenovelas competing on primetime on open TV.  (Read my two previous posts Is the Venezuelan telenovela dead?  and Is the Venezuelan telenovela dead?-Part 2). And, given the unfortunate absence of RCTV, it's now necessary that Televén produces its own telenovelas, and that Venevisión continues its commitment to produce with Venezuelan talent. In this way, the Venezuelan telenovela's health will improve. And, with it, Venezuelan television will have better days ahead.  


Juan Ramos said...


As you have been reporting, the telenovela industy has been in a sorry state in Venezuela for some time now because of the country's political situation and economic instability. As a fan of the Venezuelan telenovela (although also a consumer of Telemundo/RTI novelas), I am very glad to read your post. It is good to see Venevisión is continuing in its commitment to domestic dramatic production. It is also encouraging to see Televén investing in a Venezuela product. Do you think Televén has the potential to fill in the space left by RCTV, if not as a producer at least as a purveyor of Venezuelan telenovelas?

anak-nias said...

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