Sep 24, 2007


It's been a while since I wrote in my blogs. I have an excellent reason for my electronic absence, though: the presentation of my book in Venezuela: Venezuela es una Telenovela.

Last Tuesday, September 18, Editorial Alfa presented its new collection Homo Videns which focuses on the study of television. For me, it is a real privilege that Venezuela es una Telenovela and
Valentina Álvarez's wonderful book, Lágrimas a Pedido, are the inaugural books in this new collection.

The event was quite significant for me. I had the opportunity to share it with people that I love and admire deeply. Family and friends who are the constants and pillars of my life, and some of those who have participated in my research studies. Without them, the book wouldn't exist.

In short, my universes--the personal and the academic--collided for once, and the result was that I saw some colorful and joyful fireworks. It was a very personal celebration for me and for many of those who were able to be there for the presentation. Almost one week later, I still struggle to find the right words to describe it. Therefore, I rather share with you the words and pictures that were written and taken by some of the people who were there. (The writings are in Spanish).

Olla de Grillos, opinion column written by journalist Marlene Castillo
Cara y Cruz, opinion column written by actor Carlos Cruz

Utópico Real I
Desenterrando Artes y Más...I
Desenterrando Artes y Más...II



Anonymous said...

Congratulations Dr. A. I was very eager to hear how things went last week... a proud graduate student at UGA.

Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru said...

Thanks so much for your comment. Things went very well last and this week (I'm still in Venezuela). The book is selling well and receiving very positive feedback.

Anonymous said...
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