Oct 3, 2007

Back to my little blue table

I'm finally back in Athens after two intense weeks in Caracas. Two weeks that were certainly different. I'm used to observing and conducting interviews. In this trip it was the opposite: I was observed and I was interviewed. In this sense, I was a bit uncomfortable. However, my current predominant feelings are the emotion of seeing and touching my book, and the immense satisfaction of the comments I've received from those who have read Venezuela es una Telenovela.

Now I'm back in my natural habitats: my classroom and my little blue table in the basement where I work on my research surrounded by the many pictures and gifts that telenovelas have given me. Following are some of the pictures (courtesy of Editorial Alfa, Dragoons, my friend Claudia, and my daughter Carolina) that will be added to that collection. They are part of the path I traveled the last two weeks.

I want to take this opportunity also to express my gratitude for the support I've received both in Venezuela and the U.S. Venezuela es una Telenovela now belongs to each of its readers. It's my turn, now, to learn from each one of them. Therefore, I look forward to your comments.

My journey continues. I still have more telenovelas to study. The evidence and data from Ciudad Bendita are waiting for me.

I must sit at my little blue table.

If you want to read more about Venezuela es una Telenovela:
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If you want to find out where to get the book, please contact Editorial Alfa: (+58-212) 762 3036 / 763 5676 / 761 3576 or via e-mail: ventas@editorial-alfa.com

Videos (courtesy of Dragoons and blog TVVI) of the presentation of Venezuela es una Telenovela:

Uploaded by dragoons989

Uploaded by dragoons989


Carolina said...

I'm so glad I was able to be there with you and be a part of your success. It was a beautiful ceremony and celebration. I am truly proud that you are MY mom.

Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru said...

Gracias, Caro, por dejar tu comentario. El orgullo más grande de toda madre son sus hijos. Pero yo he sido particularmente privilegiada con la presencia de ustedes en mi vida. Tu sentido de justicia social es ingrediente fundamental de mi libro.

Thanks, Caro, for your comment. A mother's greatest pride is always her children. I am particularly privileged of being the mother of the three of you. Rest assured that your struggle for social justice is a key ingredient of my book.