Feb 24, 2008


This week the telenovela world lost one of its giants: Brazilian actor Rubens de Falco.

Rubens de Falco (1931-2008) had a long and fruitful career both in TV (La Sucesora, Los Inmigrantes, Gabriela, Pacto de Sangre, etc.) and film (Pixote and the legendary Venezuelan film Macho y Hembra, among others). However, he will always be remembered as Leoncio, the villain in the first version of La Esclava Isaura. Coincidentally, one of de Falco's last roles was that of Comendador Almeida, Leoncio's father in the recente remake of La Esclava Isaura. I'm not sure but this could be the only case in the telenovela world in which the same actor plays son and father in two versions of the same telenovela.

Rubens De Falco
will be missed. He was one of the most recognized faces and talents of Brazilian telenovelas throughout the world.

Here is his obituary as it appeared in the International Herald Tribune.

Below a video of episode 21 of the first version of La Esclava Isaura:

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Robin N said...

He certainly left his mark, as did the telenovela (original and well-done remake).

As for the father/son angle, while Enrique Lizalde didn't play the actual father of Juan del Diablo (played by Eduardo Palomo who also was taken much too early), he did play the father figure in the 90s remake of "Corazón Salvaje", having earlier played Juan del Diablo in the first television version. That is the closest I can come to this recasting, but no doubt similar things have occurred before, most likely in the Televisa novelas as they remake so many of their classics each year.