Feb 13, 2008


The telenovela genre is plagued with paradoxes. Their main paradox is that these shows are both consumed and despised by millions around the world.

One of the consequences of this paradox is that actors who work on telenovelas are sometimes considered second class by those who despise telenovelas. Hence, actors live their own paradox: telenovelas give them a level of recognition that is unsurpassed by film and theater (especially in countries, like Venezuela, in which these cultural industries aren't well developed), but their talent is doubted precisely because they work in telenovelas.

This is one of the reasons why I think it's important to see actors perform in film and theater. I enjoy very much having the opportunity of watching actors who work on television when they perform in the theater. The energy that is established in the triad actor-character-audience is unique. It's a completely different experience to see an actor perform live than to watch him or her in our television screen. It's also different from watching them shoot a telenovela.

Below are a series of links to photographer Nicola Rocco's blog Photomanifiesto, where you will be able to appreciate excellent pictures taken of recent theatrical performances by actors who also work in telenovelas. I hope you will enjoy them, and I wish that, wherever you are, yo get the chance to see your favorite actors perform live.

Julie Restifo and Javier Vidal in Tal Para Cual: 1, 2, 3

Marialejandra Martín and Elsa Stella in Ladrona de Almas: 1, 2

Mimí Lazo, Luis Fernández and Marcos Moreno in Golpes a mi Puerta: 1, 2, 3

Carlos Montilla and Karl Hoffman in Entiendeme tú a mí: 1, 2, 3, 4

Nacho Huett in La Celestina

María Cristina Lozada, Iván Tamayo and Marisa Román in El Día Que Me Quieras

Nohely Arteaga and Andreína Alvarez in Locas, Trasnochadas y Melancólicas.

Elba Escobar and Beatriz Vasquez in La Duda

Caridad Canelón and Carlota Sosa in the reading of Dos Soledades en Buenos Aires

Tania Sarabia in Ay Carmela!

Carlos Cruz and Juan Manuel Montesinos in Todos los Hombres son Mortales

Fabiola Colmenares, Beatriz Valdés, Lourdes Valera and Marisa Román in Y las Mujeres También

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