Apr 28, 2007

"FIN"-- The End is the Beginning (April 25, 2007)

This blog begins at the end of Ciudad Bendita, my latest object of study. It's in Spanish, of course.

The word "FIN" on the television screen last Wednesday night marked the beginning of a new stage in my research that will be characterized by the analysis of the many pages of Ciudad Bendita's script, the audiovisual text of its aired episodes, transcripts of interviews with audience members, and hours and hours of interviews with everyone who worked in the production of Ciudad Bendita: writers, actors, producers, etc.

FIN also marks the end to some of the most intense months I've lived in my academic journey. Months in which I followed the conceptualization, production and reception of this successful telenovela. Months of many daily e-mails, phone conversations, chats and frequent trips to Caracas

As I write this first post, I realize that I'm not fully comfortable with the idea of writing in a public space, like a blog. But, I'm determined to do so with the hope that I will get more comfortable as I go.

My plan is to use this blog to share news about telenovelas, write about their many aspects, and also share my journey now that I enter full analysis mode regarding Ciudad Bendita.

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