Apr 28, 2007

In honor of Yanis Chimaras

At daybreak on April 24, actor Yanis Chimaras died, victim of Venezuela's worst problem: crime. Yanis was one of Venezuela's most versatile actors and a staple in the telenovelas written by Leonardo Padrón. Only hours before his death, he had taped the farewell scene of his character, Puro Mercado. However, on April 24, the cast of Ciudad Bendita had to overcome their immense grief to tape without him two sequences in which he was to appear.

Throughout the years I interviewed Yanis many times, and shared with him meals and the inevitable long waits that occur daily in the set of telenovelas. Our conversations were always pleasant, interesting and enlightening. He was well-read, insightful and generous as he shared his life experiences and wisdom. He was also a true champion of social justice.

In his long and prolific career, his character in Ciudad Bendita, Puro Mercado, stands out as one of the most well-known and successful. Yanis enjoyed playing Puro, and his pleasure showed on the television screen every night. He wrote a song, "El Chaca Chaca" for Puro, and the production team was wise enough to choose it as the character's theme song.

Yanis, thanks for everything you taught me about telenovelas and the actor's craft. Thanks for always being kind and funny. I will treasure the memory of our conversations.

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