Apr 3, 2008


In the past 48 hours the Spanish version of this blog has quadrupled the number of visits it usually receives (click on image to see it more clearly):

Eighty percent of those hits come from search engines using these terms: "novela arroz con leche", "arroz con leche novela", "canciones novela arroz con leche", "telenovela arroz con leche" and "capítulo final de arroz con leche" (click on image to see it more clearly):

The most visited posts also reflect this telenovela's impact (click on image to see it more clearly):

Such effect can also be observed in the comments written by blog readers in a post I wrote months ago about the cultural meaning of the telenovela's title, and in the youtube page where user turocola uploads episodes of Arroz Con Leche.

Given the effect that the followers of Arroz Con Leche have had on my blog, here's a gift for them. A video of one of the most beautiful scenes of this telenovela, one that can only be fully understood by those who followed nightly Arroz con Leche:

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Anonymous said...

Alguien me puede ayudar donde puedo ver novela arroz con leche?
Todos capitulos...gracias..thank you for help by from europe.