Apr 28, 2008


If you can't see it, here's the YouTube version:


julee said...

Hola Carolina! My name is Julee Tate, and I'm an Assistant Professor of Spanish and Latin American Studies at Berry College in Rome, GA. I also do work on telenovelas and have published an article in the last year in Studies in Latin American Popular Culture titled "The Good and Bad Women of Telenovelas: How to Tell Them Apart Using a Simple Maternity Test." I've also made a few conference presentations, one at LASA (Latin American Studies Association) and two others at the Popular Culture Association Conference. I've only recently discovered your blog, but I'm excited to read through all of it. It's true that academic work can be a lonely enterprise, so it's very nice for me to have discovered someone in my backyard that is doing similar research. I'm looking forward to reading your book and to following your blog. Thanks.
saludos, Julee

Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru said...

Hola Julee, It's great to find your comment in my blog. Please feel free to email me: cacosta2410@gmail.com
I'm going to request from the library your recent article, it has a great title and I'm sure the content will be fascinating too. Let's keep in touch!

Victor Kulkosky said...


Congratulations! 30,000 hits in a year in English. 100,000 in Spanish. Should I translate my blog into Spanish? I've had about 2,200 in 3 months.

As to the issue of finding your "blog voice," I suggest the reason you can't find that voice is because the blogosphere might be the most dialogic medium yet. It is by nature directed at The Other. With its links and interactive comments, each blog is shot through with double-voiced words. Just a brief excerpt from "The Dialogic Imagination":

“… [the speaker’s] orientation
toward the listener is an orientation … toward the specific world of the listener; it
introduces totally new elements into his discourse; it is in this way, after all, that various
points of view … various social ‘languages’ come to interact with one another.”

So it's likely you don't have a blog voice -- neither do I or any other blogger -- because in this medium your voice is not your voice -- it is always partly somebody else's voice.

Back to the stats, I think it's clear that with 130,000 total hits in a year, your blog has gone well past your circle of friends and associates. The nature of the subject matter probably helps that. I know I have at least one reader in the U.K. I hope there are more. I could use a few more voices. vk

Dr. Carolina Acosta-Alzuru said...

Victor, thanks for your comment and for reminding me that theory is always key in our understanding of communication processes. The number of visits my blogs receive is a consequence of the widespread popularity of telenovelas. It has very little to do with me.
All the best to you and your blog!