May 19, 2007

Kovačica, art and telenovelas

Yesterday we visited Kovačica, located north of Belgrade. This beautiful and small town is populated with Slovaks of Serbian citizenship who are intent in preserving their culture and identity.

A crucial element in their culture is their art, which has a clearly defined naif style. As part of our excursion to Kovačica, we visited one of its elderly artists, Katarína Ďurišová in her own home, which is filled with her work: paintings, hand-painted pottery, traditional costumes and embroidered cloths. Katarína welcomed us dressed in traditional garb while she painted her latest ouvre.

Katarína’s image and home took me not only to another place, but also to another time.

However, there, in the middle of a room dominated by her art, there was a TV set.

Using our tour guide as interpreter, I couldn’t resist and I asked Katarína about her TV consumption habits. Smiling widely, she told me that she only watches teleision at night to entertain herself before going to bed, and that she loves telenovelas!

Katarína spoke fondly of Kassandra and Thalía’s telenovelas, particularly Marimar. Katarína was visibly excited when our tour guide told her that I’m from Venezuela..."like Kassandra".

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