May 13, 2007

On Mother's Day

To write about the role played by mothers in telenovelas would take time, and today I don't have a lot of time because I'm flying to Belgrade, Serbia with a team of professors and journalists, organized by The Cox Center for International Mass Communication Training and Research to participate in a workshop at Belgrade University .

However, on Mother's Day, I must mention that mothers play a fundamental role in telenovelas. Sometimes because they (intentionally or unintentionally) abandon their son or daugther, triggering the main conflicts in the melodrama. Sometimes because mother and daughter compete for the same man, as in new telenovela Aunque Mal Paguen. And sometimes because mothers represent the purest and most sacrificed love of all.

Here's Tania Sarabia as Mamasanta in Cosita Rica. A blind mother with a wonderful sense of humor, who could see better than those whose eyes actually work well. Mamasanta was the universal mother: intuitive, dedicated, protective and loving.

Happy Mother's Day to all mothers!

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