May 3, 2007

A Telenovela's Soundtrack-Part IV: The Main Musical Theme

Even in telenovelas that showcase a variety of songs, the most important theme is the telenovela's. It used to be the case that a telenovela's main theme would be chosen because of the artist who performed it. Either because the person was already famous or because the network wanted to promote her/him. In contrast, these days, it's an increasingly common occurrence that the main musical theme be specifically composed for the particular telenovela.

For example, the theme for telenovela Cosita Rica was composed and performed by Voz Veis, after meeting with writer Leonardo Padrón.

The main musical theme is key to build a telenovela's identity. It projects its personality and suggests its general mood. Therefore the main theme is a fundamental ingredient of all promotional materials. It is now common to create a videoclip using images from the telenovela.

Below, the videoclip of Mi Prima Ciela, a telenovela that premiered last night on RCTV. Both the lyrics and the images give us important clues about this telenovela's synopsis: Three cousins, thre parallel love stories, and one of them is doomed because she has a terminal illness:

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